Cylinder Valve

Supplier, Distributor Resmi, Authorized Distributor Tabung Gas Industri dan Medis

Nisson Indonesia sells various kinds of valves at low prices and guaranteed guarantees.

following the specifications

Model Inlet Outlet Type Working Pressure Usage
GV-1 PZ 27.8 W21.8×1/14 or BS341 -No. 8 HANDWHEEL 150 bar CO2 / N2O
GV-2 PZ 27.8 G5/8 or BS341-No. 3 HANDWHEEL 150 bar O2 / Ar / N2/ He
GV-2 (straight) 3/4-16UNF G5/8 or BS341-No. 3 HANDWHEEL 150 bar CO2 / N2O
QF-15F PZ27.8 G5/8-LH or BS341-No. 4 HANDWHEEL 30 bar Acetylene
PF5-1 PZ39 G5/8-LH or BS341-No.4 WRENCH 30 bar Acetylene
Pin Index 3/4-16UNF CGA 150 bar O2 / N2O
BIF-2 PZ27.8 5/8” BSP-RH or BS341-No.3 HANDWHEEL 200 bar Various gases


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